Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week One

Today, I turned on my pedometer for the first time. I read that you should spend the first week of the challenge tracking how many steps you normally take. 

Here is my pedometer. I purchased it on Amazon for $10. I love the belt clip and the size of this pedometer. I can easily slide it into my pocket or wear it. 

My running record for October 15th-22nd as follows:

October 15- 3,856
October 16- 4,595
October 17- 4,000
October 18- 5,264
October 19-2,500 (rainy day blues)
October 20- 2,700 
October 21- 5,406 (1st day back to walking the dogs)
October 22- 5,620

My 1st short term goal: reach 5,000 steps (check)
My 2nd short term goal: reach 5,000 steps consistently for 1 week 
Diet- Reduce amount of soda and potatoes consumed to 1x a week. 


  1. You can do it Andrea! :) I am starting a challenge at work from Nov 1-End of February...10,000 steps a day! I had 4,000 steps when I left work, walked the mall for a while and now 12,000+ and it was fun! Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Rachel! I'm looking forward to seeing what my average is so I can see what I'll have to do to add in more steps. :)